Who We Are

One Church exists to UNITE people through a common story, EQUIP people for a common life, and SEND people in a common mission.
We are confident in the power of God to gather the Body of Christ regardless of any barrier which stands in the way. 


We each have a story. We each have life experiences that make us unique. However, we also have a common story – the story of God. Every person is a part of God’s story because God is reconciling the world through Jesus. 
When we grow to understand the story of God, we realize that each of our stories are stitched together and made a part of the story of God. This stitching together helps us to see that our stories have been connected all along. Sometimes the connections are an opportunity for celebration. Other times they call us to repentance and mourning.  However, God is always ready to bring us together! We pray that God will overcome the barriers that seek to keep us apart!
We don’t always get it perfect, but our hope is you will find open arms here. No matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been. It doesn’t even matter what you believe. We want you to be united. We need you in order to be united. Come and connect with the Body of Christ through One Church!


We each have a part to play. We each have something to offer. And God wants to equip us for this life together! 
We want to allow God to lead us! God is calling each of us to lives which are faithful to God’s Kingdom. We need to nurture our relationship with God through intentional practices. 
It’s not about getting the right information in our heads or subscribing to a particular religion. It’s not even about claiming a church. It’s about growing in the image of Christ!
We are also called to grow in our relationships with each other. Christ calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We can’t do that properly without being formed in the image of Christ. We must work and allow the Holy Spirit to work on us in order to grow in compassion and self-sacrifice. 
We pray that God would equip us for this life together. We start the journey at different places, but we all need equipping. We want you to be equipped to love God and others.


While it’s important to be united and equipped, it is crucial that we don’t stop there! Becoming who God wants us to be includes being sent in God’s mission. While being sent involves a lot, we cannot be sent without serving! 
God calls every person to serve in or through the church. Jesus is our model servant. We follow his example by giving ourselves to God by giving ourselves to others in service. 
Just like we want to assist you in being united and equipped, we also want to assist you in being sent. We don’t want you to find a place to serve. We want you to find your place to serve. God made you unique. God wired you a certain way. No one else is just like you. You have gifts, graces, experiences, and personality traits like no one else. We need you to find the place to serve that fits you.
We also believe that God has called us to serve together throughout the Chester Community, the state of South Carolina, across the United States, and around the globe.